Town Beautification

One of the purposes of the Shrewsbury Garden Club is to carry out projects contributing toward the beautification of the town of Shrewsbury. To that end, we AdoptAPlot-2015-092815.jpg~originalplant and maintain flower beds at the intersection of Main and Maple, at the Town Hall, and in addition we sponsor the “Adopt-a-Plot” program and encourage and reward businesses and residents to beautify Shrewsbury with our “Iris Award “for Community Beautification.

Adopt-A-Plot Program

Our Adopt-A-Plot program has been very successful thanks to our Community Projects Committee. The following is a list of current locations and participants. If you are interested or know anyone who would like to get involved please contact us through the Contact Us link. Thanks to all SGC members and residents for their time and efforts to make our community more beautiful.



Shrewsbury Historical Society Sign                   Shrewsbury Historical Society

Jordon Pond Entrance                                          Nancy Thomas, Judy Polito

Main and Maple Islands                                       Shrewsbury Garden Club

Dean Park Pond Site                                              Shrewsbury Social Club

Prospect Park Entrance

Prospect Park Stone Bench Entrance.               Girl Scouts

Senior Center

Town Hall Monument                                           Gail Aslanian

Gauch Park Monument

Gauch Park Rain Garden

Island at Hollman and Prospect                          Melissa Misiewicz, Nicolas Vea

Walter Johnson Veterans Square                       Jane Umphrey, Alison  Gray Ricker

Lake Street Inner Circle (SAC Park)                   George Bergstrom

Hillandro Park Sign                                                Beverly Bierman

Dean Park Horse Trough                                       Kerry Holly, Marcia Arnold

Dean Park Spring Street Entrance

Dean Park School Street/Main Entrance          Tufts Green Team, Lauren Gawel

Fragrant Garden at Town Hall                             Shrewsbury Garden Club

Islands at 140 and Prospect Streets                     Chiampa Funeral Home

Entrance to Francis Gardens

Town Hall Entrance Signs                                      George Bergstrom, Gail Aslanian

Post Office Beds and Flag Pole Box

Mountain View Cemetery Entrance Barrels

Joseph McGarry Square                                         Kristen Lynch and Family